Wednesday, July 30, 2008

They Finally Caught Up To "Uncle Ted".

From Reuters:

Veteran Republican U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens was charged on Tuesday with concealing more than $250,000 worth of gifts, including home renovations, that he received from an Alaska oil services company, the Justice Department said.

Stevens is accused of receiving substantial improvements to his Alaska home that included a new first floor, a finished full basement, a wraparound deck, and plumbing, electrical and heating work.

The indictment also charged that he received a new vehicle in exchange for an older one worth far less, and household goods such as furniture and a new gas range, the Justice Department said.

The Alaskan investigation covered suspected influence peddling by officials at VECO, then the state's largest oil-services company and a major patron of Alaska Republicans.

Stevens is nicknamed "Uncle Ted" because of his long record of steering billions of dollars in federal funding to Alaska. In 2000, a civic organization and the state Legislature honored him by naming him "Alaskan of the Century."

Maybe he keeps his framed award on the wall of that new first floor...

UPDATE: For an up-close look at this miserable, old sleazebag, check out Michael Crowley's profile in the July 30th edition of the Washington Post.


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