Friday, July 18, 2008

"Corruption Ought Not To Be An Inevitable Product Of Democracy."

Gandhi was lucky enough to have never heard of Phil Gramm.  

From The Hill:

Former Texas Republican Sen. Phil Gramm late Friday stepped down as co-chair of Sen. John McCain’s (R-Ariz.) presidential campaign.

It is clear to me that Democrats want to attack me rather than debate Sen. McCain on important economic issues facing the country,” Gramm said.

No, asshole; we can do both.

Not bad for a nation of "whiners", huh?

Phil Gramm--an abject Lone Star loser--chose late Friday afternoon to quit, as the weekend might bring a 48-hour buffer zone before he may actually be asked about this latest of his many failures. 

Gramm, his wife Wendy, Tom DeLay, Enron; they were having an orgy, all right, but guess who really got f*****?    

You've heard of our "best and brightest"?

Phil Gramm--the "Flim-Flam Man"--is among our "worst and wormiest".

Enjoy your exile, "Flim-Flam" Gramm.

A slit-eyed lizard; a long-term discredit to his country.


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