Monday, July 7, 2008

The Jedi & The Sith?

From The Buffalo News:

     GOP strategist Karl Rove and former Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards will debate the issues of the presidential campaign Sept. 26 as part of the University of Buffalo's Distinguished Speakers Series.

     As surrogates for the parties’ standard bearers, the two also could square off more than once at other locations around the nation.

     Edwards announced his support of Sen. Barack Obama in May after his own primary campaign ended at the end of January.

     Rove, of course, is the former Deputy Chief of Staff to President Bush, and now doubles as a subpoena-dodging private citizen and TV talking head, pretending to be "fair and balanced" on "GOP TV", AKA: FOX News. 



Anonymous said...

God your so stupid Mr. Russia. It's spelled S-H--I-T. Not sith. Your so dubm.


Anonymous said...

"...TV talking head, pretending to be "fair and balanced" They all are, even equal opportunity liberals.

JohnnyRussia said...

Only Rove allegedly outed a CIA operative or is under subpoena for his alleged role in the firing of U.S. justices due to their party affiliation or is the "architect" of the very administration he now comments on in his role with a sham "news" channel (actually right-wing talk radio in front of a TV camera) purporting to be "fair and balanced".

Only Rove.

And only Rove has said he'll refuse to appear in front of the House Judiciary Committee.

Only Rove.