Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dunce Upon A Tough Time.

From Arianna Huffington on the Huffington Post:

     Phil Gramm obviously had the quote of the week. Voters dealing with skyrocketing gas prices and collapsing home values just love being called "whiners" by a millionaire. This kind of out-of-touch condescension comes as no surprise to anyone who has followed Gramm's career. He's left his fingerprints on some of the worst economic debacles in U.S. history. He was a champion of energy deregulation, which gave us Enron and blackouts and price gouging. He was a champion of deregulating the savings-and-loan industry, the bailout of which cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars. And his leadership on banking deregulation helped create the current sub-prime mortgage crisis. Republicans love to talk about Obama's lack of experience. I'll take fresh blood over Gramm's kind of track record any day of the week.

     I've mentioned Gramm's bullshit a couple of times here in recent days. I bring it up again because I don't think it's a good idea to sweep attitudes such as his--and by extension, John "DoubleTalk" McBush III--under a rhetorical rug.
     "Progressives", "liberals"--whatever the moniker--are often accused of "hating America" simply because of their dissenting voices.
     But an official surrogate of a presidential nominee just called cash-strapped, stressed-out Americans "whiners".
     Who's the hater now?     


     Asked to explain his statement, Gramm--a beady-eyed, bloodless bastard--said, "I'm not going to retract any of it. Every word I said was true." 
     And "DoubleTalk" hasn't fired his Lone Star ass yet.

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