Friday, July 11, 2008

Dear Barack:

             I believe in "change".
             You've changed, man.
             I hope you change back. 


Anonymous said...

Obama having trouble winning voters as a McLiberal?
"Change" to learning the double talk of hypocrisy to advance his agenda?

JohnnyRussia said...

McMaybe. But McHope still trumps a McCourt.

gdahimself said...

Apparently in the McBlog not everyone wants to order the same political happy meal, wish there was another item on the menu.

Rather like the idea of the Congress and the President not being of the same party as kind of check and balance.

The tired old man might be the better stopgap until to the next election, if the kid is truly the liberal's liberal he has been tagged as. McCain may not be the continuation of Bush.

As for the tired old man observation/accusation, Washington and several others of the early Presidents were decidedly senior in their time and place.

If Obama wins and proves not to he isn't the right person, there will be a certain satisfaction if his first eight months are hamstrung by a vote counting irregularity in his home state that forever shadows him as having stolen the election for the rest of his one term.

Anyway still four months of research and developments to monitor.

JohnnyRussia said...

This McBlog has never pretended to be anything other than the expressed, written opinion of JohnnyRussia.

I McCalls 'em as I McSees 'em...

And I appreciate your McReading it!