Saturday, July 5, 2008

Come On Down!



Anonymous said...

Laugh all you want but I made $392 dollars and won tons of great prizes selling the Grit. How do you think I got this fantastic Schwinn Stingray!!!

John McCain, count me in!!!

The Best Looking Man in Show Business Today

Anonymous said...

Obama isn't looking all that presidental these days himself. Got to be Hillary was starting to look go by the end of primaries and under most circumstance I'd vote for the opposition just to keep her out of office.
I wonder if would have gotten this far if were white?
He seems to keep the race issue alive all by his little lonesome self.

JohnnyRussia said...

I wonder if a tired, old white guy like John McCain would have gotten this far if weren't the only shot in hell the Party of Bush could possibly turn to because every single other one that ran in the GOP primaries was an even worse potential nominee than Ol' Doubletalk McBush III is?

gdahimself said...

Without more information, I'm for none of the above.
Although with The Reverend Wright and Obama' wife spouting off, It doesn't sound like the guy, and the people he surrounds himself with are what you would call pro-USA.
McCain seems to do a good job shooting himself in the foot the few times he elects to say something.
Politicians, all suspect.

JohnnyRussia said...

I have no problems with Michelle Obama. Nothing in her allegedly "anti-American" statement about being "not being proud" of America ruffled any of my feathers. I happen to respect a healthy cynicism of the Good Ol' USA; blind allegiance to god & country immediately enacts my bullshit detector.

Rev. Wright is history. Gone. Move on.

Keep church out of politics and vice-versa is my position, although that will never happen, of course.

And of course they are all politicians. And they ARE all suspect. Always have been, always will be.

But a flag pin and spouting off about the power of god goes absolutely nowhere with me. Both are symbolic crutches used to say nothing while avoiding earthbound realities.

gdahimself said...

It would seem that what Wright had to say, independent of spiritual matters, was in agreement with the Obamas views from 2001 until six years later, when it was incovenient association to continue for a presidential run.

Move on, sure but there's no real candidate to move on to, at least on the surface.

Not sure whether we're better off with an old Devil than a new God in government, that needs to be proved.
With an old Devil, you know what got, and a new God, you may find he's a false god with a whole new set of problems, possibly worse.

More reliable, unbias information on both, please.

JohnnyRussia said...

It would be nice if our menu of realistic, electable choices featured more than devils & gods.

gdahimself said...

Ah, I thought it was a super metaphor. You seem take a fair number of opportunities to demonize Republicans and alot of liberals treat Obama as the anointed one, a secular saint to lead us to the great Pax Americana.
McCain is treated as the Conservative loose cannon.

The electable choices being flesh and blood need greater investigation, at least by me, prove worthy of selection.

JohnnyRussia said...

I take the opportunity to "demonize" Republicans because I don't like anything about their party, their policies, or their candidates, and also because it's my blog, and I'll post whatever the hell I want.

John "DoubleTalk" McBush III is a tired, old man with tired, old ideas. He'll continue the bankrupt policies of the current losers, even though he's attempting to somehow run against them at the same time.

I like many things about Obama's organization, his campaign, his energizing of millions to the process, and the idea of a new face for America. But while I support him, I don't believe in saints---secular or the other kind.