Saturday, July 26, 2008


     Some time back, a scrawny, hyper blonde chick with an Adam's Apple had a website that I visited and from which I was subsequently banned. 
     She has to sell her wares somewhere other than Sean Hannity's show. 
     I think she's doing crack-addict porn now, but I was shocked--SHOCKED!--by this self-professed defender of the Constitution banning me from exercising my First Amendment-protected free speech, even there--(especially there?)--in her privately-operated dungeon of hatred.
     And, yes: I realize that "free speech" isn't, and that site operators routinely edit content.
     But the site operators that yammer about the strict adherence to all things constitutional seem particularly flinty when they delete comments and deny access.
     Sort of like telling you that war means peace.
     But my mind wanders...   
     Tonight, I was again denied my freedom of expression by a similar state-run organ called "Newsbusters".
     Once upon a time, I posted comments on their site that were--GASP!--critical of them, and I received the following message when I tried to return tonight, all this time later:
    L.Brent Bozell--an only-on-FOX News media creation--runs this bastion of FOX-approved "free speech", and if you've ever seen him--red-faced, red-necked, and red-herringed--you might agree that he's still trying to live off the laurels of his late, too-wordy-when alive uncle, William F. Buckley. 
     Bozell--a screamer, a fraud, an opportunist--and "Newsbusters", an amalgam of barely-literate, failed National Review writers.
     I don't have a cat anymore; logging on to "Newsbusters" was my way of rolling out a ball of yarn.    

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