Tuesday, June 24, 2008

First Draft.

     I love the sun and surf, a South Bay breeze, walking barefoot, Naja's, the Poop Deck, Guinness when it's cold outside, Old Speckled Hen when it's not; Captain Kidd's back patio, El Burrito Jr,'s carne asada burritos, Pedone's deliveries, Whole Foods' make-your-own salads, Trader Joe's Thai Style Pasta Salad, Baltika 7's at the Russian place, every single member of my extended family, and Bob Dylan.
     And writing.
     This blog, man--it's been a kick!
     It's my inner info-maniac's M*A*S*H unit; it's entirely first draft--sometimes I go back to tweak a word here and there--but it's exactly as radio writing was: down and dirty and in a hurry, and just so much damn fun that the "finer points" are usually left behind.  
     It's about the drift, not the final draft.
     If JackRabbit Café was a band instead of a blog, we'd shoot for the first take, every time.
     And the goal--just like here--would be to be sloppy and honest, and loud and real. 
     Thanks for visiting; I hope that JackRabbit Café never leaves you yawning and wishing you were watching American Idol instead...    

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