Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Odds & Ends.

    From the U.K.'s Telegraph blog:

     Bob Dylan has a new album ready for release. This represents an almost unheard of turnaround for the legendary old curmudgeon in his latter period.

      There has been four or five years between each of his last four albums, the most recent being the much acclaimed ‘Modern Times' just two years ago. 

      More than this, I cannot tell you. It could be a masterpiece or another one of his strange cast offs, like his 1990 nursery rhyme album ‘Under A Red Sky' or 1986 album of sloppy rock and roll cover versions ‘Knocked Out Loaded' (the clue to its quality was right there in the title). But Dylan seems to have re-engaged with his art in the past ten years and so there is every cause for hope.

       All I know for sure is that in some windowless room deep in the bowels of SonyBMG in London (quite possibly surrounded by armed guards) executives are locked in listening to playbacks while management discuss what to do with it...

    I don't know if the above is true (I hope it is), but JackRabbit Café will update you with confirmation/title/release information if and when it's available.  

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