Friday, March 7, 2008

"Kenny's 'Pop-In' Guest Blog": Bernie King

War is Over if You Want It

I was watching Barack Obama speak after the Texas primary and he was promising the voters that he would end the war by 2009. That’s a pretty noble declaration and I think it’s a great idea. Unfortunately he didn’t offer even a high level explanation of exactly how he would do it. I’m not surprised. Just how to go about ending the war in Iraq is something has plagued not just Obama but the entirety of the Democrat party since they rode the promise of ending the war to win a congressional majority in 2006.

It's been a heartbreaking affair to watch as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid helped their party squander the closest thing they have had to (dare I say it) a mandate from the voters? You know the mandate they received on the promise of ending the war.

Was anybody paying attention as Pelosi (speaker of the house y’all) cowered down and allowed Jack Murtha (perhaps the only anti-war voice in Congress with any real gravitas) to be gagged, bound, dragged off to the woods, and dumped in the Jersey pines?  Oh, you say Jack was A hot head and not a made guy anyway.

Did the Democrats lock arms and stand in unison to vote “no” on a single measure that would have truly prevented the escalation of the war that took place almost immediately after they took control? Maybe you can help me out here but I’m coming up empty.

Heck, Hillary Clinton is on the Armed Services Committee; I'll bet she's done plenty but don't recall anything specific. I hear she's a real ball of fire, though.

Surely the Democrats must have accomplished something in some way, shape, or form to end the war in Iraq since they took their oaths in January of 2007? I know they promised to end the war so I must be missing something. There's got to be something.

I have always thought the key to accomplishing something is the desire to accomplish it. I mean, if you are kind of on the fence and not committed to making it happen, there’s a strong likelihood that it won’t. You know, because you have to want it. I wonder if ending the war is something the Democrats really want?

War is over if you want. But you got to want it.

Always a friend
Bernie King

check out the live footage...

Amen, brother. Thanks for the great guest blog.
My own Iraq ax doesn't grind on Obama; I understand and support his campaign pledge to get the hell out of Dubya's dirty little war. Whether a President Obama will provide the leadership necessary to make it happen requires bigger Crystal Balls than I'm packing. But Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid should turn in their "Get Out of Iraq" bumperstickers and get out of the Democratic leadership. They are aimless, rudderless, shameless, and fraudulent. They didn't just personally co-sign Dubya's war checks; they had rubber stamps made of their names and left them and the ink pads on the Oval Office desk.  

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