Saturday, March 1, 2008

Daddy's little boy certainly is a chatty little fellow (Bloodlust, cont'd)

Steinbrenner: Sox Nation propaganda

Posted: Saturday March 01, 2008 09:08AM ET

Hank Steinbrenner says he isn't adding gasoline to the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry by saying theRed Sox take a backseat to his team when it comes to marketing their brand. "You can't create any controversy with fact," Steinbrenner said last night when reached for his reaction to an upcoming magazine story. "You can ask any marketing expert who is the No. 1 brand of any team in any sport in the country, and it's theYankees. We are the No. 1 brand in the country." In the article, Steinbrenner accuses ESPN as being an accomplice to spreading the "Red SoxNation" propaganda because ESPN is "filled withRed Sox fans." Last night Steinbrenner was a tad contrite. "Maybe I shouldn't have said that about ESPN because I watch ESPN in the morning like everybody else," Steinbrenner said. "I like ESPN."

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Add gasoline and toss a match! Let's burn Schilling's painted sock and Manny's phony dreadlocks!  

 Play BALL! 


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