Friday, March 21, 2008

Corporate Coffee Blues

Starbucks Ordered to Pay Back Tips

Judge Orders Starbucks to Pay More Than $100 Million in Back Tips

SAN DIEGO (AP) -- A Superior Court judge on Thursday ordered Starbucks Corp. to pay its California baristas more than $100 million in back tips and interest that the coffee chain paid to shift supervisors.

Hey. You have a store on every corner all around the world. When I'm looking for coffee in Taipei, I might as well be in Irvine. The first thing I see when I clear Customs in Guadalajara is a giant  STARBUCKS SIGN. Pay your supervisors more. Let those harried baristas keep their tips.

The Mom & Pop shop's better, anyway (if they're still in business.)

Starbucks does make a great cup of $3.00 charred tar goop, though. Tastes like a campfire.



Anonymous said...

A ray of hope and free thinking anti-corporation support from behind the Orange Curtain in Orange County California ...

...and more information on the wide drift dividing Dems at the core values..


JohnnyRussia said...

Wow! Orange County actually without hoods! Now THAT'S progress!