Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dodgers, Lakers...NOBODY fights for the back page of an L.A. paper; "Variety" has 'em WAY outspent!

There are no L.A. tabloids. The Los Angeles Times doesn't compete with the Los Angeles Daily News for content, only for Albertsons ads. New York is a newspaper town; subways are ink-stained, and the writers will peel back your skin just to get a mis-quote. L.A. is a freeway town, filled with drive-by people on expense-account cellphones in corporately-leased cars, running on empty.   

Spring begins today, and baseball season is almost here. Joe Torre is a Dodger now. 12 play-off appearances in 12 tries with the Yankees, and George's pugnacious son asked him to leave.

Rookie mistake.  

But--hey--this is L.A., so tap the out-of-work soap actor on the shoulder a second time before taking his pulse. Then ask him if he's familiar with a newspaper.

When he says, "No", remember that Joe Torre might work here forever. The Los Angeles Times seems to sell its back pages to Variety or a supermarket exclusively, and the only people reading are the ones looking either for cheap chicken or their own names.


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