Thursday, March 27, 2008


"The whole face of Celtics nation turned around when the trade happened with this guy. Everybody talks about the MVP, and they talk about numbers, but this guy has changed the whole culture around here, and I think that says a lot. The mentality, from a day-to-day aspect, everything is changed from a year ago."

*Paul Pierce, giddy teammate, discussing Kevin Garnett last night after the Boston Celtics dismantled the Phoenix Suns.

"What are his numbers?"

*Shaquille O'Neal, washed-up Phoenix Suns center, shrugging off Kevin Garnett's place in the MVP debate last night before the Boston Celtics dismantled the Phoenix Suns.



Anonymous said...

Numbers? 56-15


JohnnyRussia said...

Yup. And "MVP" means something other than "1, 2 & 3". Might be too complicated for some.