Friday, March 21, 2008

Rupert, your slip is showing (or maybe your show is slipping)

Kilmeade and Wallace must have missed the morning memo. 

Can we get them into a steel cage death match with Hannity & O'Reilly?  

To drum up sales, Brit Hume can be the Organ Grinder. Steve Doocy will reprise his role as The Monkey.

All those FOX chicks even get to go back to their old jobs as ring girls!

Check out the link (and the video at the bottom of the blog):


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Anonymous said...

Wow Obama bashing on Fox, I am really sick of it. Honestly, I was so pissed off I changed the channel to a Simpsons rerun. That'll show Rupert Murdoch!!!

Hey when does 24 come back on?

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