Saturday, March 29, 2008

This Is Your Country.

John Edwards has a handful of delegates. Not many, but some.

His message was arguably the most resonant of the Democratic field, but idiots seemed to be more worried about his $400.00 haircuts than they were about your $400.00 per month healthcare payment, and that $400.00 per month may be as a single person (if you're lucky.)

Unless you are "officially" employed or eligible for COBRA, that $400.00 per month is a f****** mirage.

Ask me. I know. As a "self-employed" person, the same people that have insured me for over 20 years in a group plan, or under COBRA, refuse to cover me as my own man. My "pre-existing condition" (which I call "living") makes me a risk they are unwilling to take.

This is your country.    

Idiots always take their eye off the ball. That's why they're idiots. They can't hit the curve because they always think, "fastball". Even a minor-leaguer knows enough to look for the deuce.
Edwards's place in the debate is well-deserved, yet under-appreciated. Surely, he was not a populist senator; he was pro-Iraq War, and largely sanguine, yet present. He didn't sharpen his knife until he left the Senate. But he recognized his mistakes, he acknowledged them, he apologized for his wrong-headed Iraq vote, and he evolved. In public. 

He grew into who he is today, which--as we all know too well--isn't allowed under any current party rules. 

There are stories that, in exchange for an endorsement, he wants a Supreme Court appointment. Maybe another V.P. nod. Barack and/or Hillary: quid pro quo. 

Maybe. Maybe not. I think he's qualified for either. 

The next president will again decide on Supreme Court appointments. I don't want John McCain making those decisions. But I'd gladly welcome a man such as John Edwards on that court. When the teeter-totter tilts, I say, tilt it back

John Edwards was a grown man--an intelligent, grown man--a Public Man--who evolved. Right there, in full view.

That's worth something. A lot, actually. Way more than a $400.00 haircut. And leaps and bounds ahead of stubbornly clinging to being wrong. 

(See: Bush, George W.; See also: Clinton, Hillary, McCain, John, and Congress, Democratically-controlled.)

Sadly, it's also worth more than the idiots in our midst probably deserve. But why continue to listen to idiots?

Ya know, I'm pretty sick of paying for their mistakes. The mistakes none of 'em are honest enough to admit to making.

This is your country.

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