Thursday, March 20, 2008

King (or Queen?) Maker

The big question: Is former Dem presidential candidate John Edwardsthis/close to endorsing Barack Obama?

• • To wit: A top Sneed source claims Obama told top supporters in the past few weeks he suggested handing a significant role to Edwards, the former senator from North Carolina, in his administration.

• • What role? "I was told it was the vice presidency, although Edwards is a liberal and Barack may need a more conservative balance," said a source who backed Edwards' candidacy for president.

• • The flipside: However, a source close to the Edwards camp claims he hears Edwards will be endorsing Hillary Clinton. . . but he has not heard that personally from Edwards. The rumor mill in Washington is running rampant Edwards will also endorse Hillary.

• • The next question: Will Edwards endorse before the Pennsylvania primary, a vital delegate battleground between Hillary and Dem opponent Obama?


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Anonymous said...

There is another option for Edwards. He can just release his delegates and allow them to cling to whomever they choose. The delegates are already showing signs of doing that now. In Iowa at the state Democrat convention half of his 14 delegates remainded committed to Edwards but the other 7 declared for Obama. So it's not unlikely that Edwards will allow the current defection process to continue and then free the remaining delegates at the national convention thus avoiding a commitment to either candidate and allowing delegates the freedom to choose for themselves. He may not do it but it's the wise option.