Friday, February 29, 2008

He's runnin', but he ain't turnin' Green...

Party leaders wish Mr. Nader well in his campaign, affirm that the Green Party will choose nominees at the Green National Convention in Chicago.

(Via press release)

WASHINGTON, DC -- Green Party leaders expressed their disappointment in Ralph Nader's decision, announced on Thursday, not to seek the 2008 Green presidential nomination.

"A lot of Greens have supported Mr. Nader and wanted him to win the party's nomination. There has been an active effort by many Green leaders to 'draft' Mr. Nader as a Green candidate, and his success in recent Green primaries demonstrates that he remains a very popular figure within the Green Party. There is widespread disappointment among Greens that he chose to go a different route," said Phil Huckelberry, co-chair of the Green Party of the United States.

There's always 2012.        


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Anonymous said...

No surprise here, Nader didn't run as Green in 2004 either. Probably wouldn't be running at all if John Edwards had shown better in primaries but the dems screwed the pooch again.

Jom Toad