Friday, February 29, 2008

Mock Barack's middle name and show your ignorance.

     Cincinnati radio idiot Bill Cunningham, she-devil Ann Coulter, and other unsavory morons on the fringe think that repeating Barack Obama's middle name---Hussein---is "funny" (Coulter) or will glue Obama to the bogeyman. Whatever.
  I found a great piece on, an excerpt of which is the post immediately following this preamble. I still can't cut and paste text into this dialogue box, either because I can't figure it out, or perhaps Blogger doesn't have the capability to do so. But I can cut and paste into Google docs and then post directly to my blog (I just discovered that sweet little feature). 
  So, the excerpt is its own separate post. Sorry. Someday everything is gonna be smooth, like a rhapsody (when I paint my masterpiece). 

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