Thursday, February 28, 2008

I wrote lots of obits for the radio.

     William F. Buckley has died.
  He was the father of the modern conservative movement, and he never failed to use a five-dollar word when a five-and-dime one would have worked twice as well. I suppose he could afford such words.
  His eyes bulged as he spoke.
  It is only an Internet rumor that he choked on his thesaurus, and Gore Vidal is not a suspect in his death.
  He had many liberal friends, however. Norman Mailer said, "You can't stay mad at a guy who's witty, spontaneous and likes good liquor."
  True enough. 
  Don't speak ill of the dead. Bad mojo. 
  More JackRabbit Cafe after this message from the National Review.  

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